Seafloor Profiling


Unit's Activities At a Glance:

The overall purpose of this unit is to introduce students to the general system for mapping the seafloor remotely, since most of the seafloor is deep and not visible from the sea surface. In Lesson #1, students will model a seafloor with shoeboxes and blocks, and then map the seafloor using yakitori skewers or lei needles. Lesson #2 is a teacher demonstration modeling echolocation. Lesson #3 allows students to interpret an actual seafloor map from the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.


Appropriate Grade Levels: Grade 7 to 12


Subjects: Earth Science


Minimum Time Required for the Unit: about 3.5 45-minute periods


Hawaii Content and Performance Standards:

Science Standard 2; Benchmark 8.2.2 'Describe how scale and mathematical models can be used to support and explain scientific data'








Author: Barbara Mayer (bamayer@gmail.com)

See the Procedures/Assessment for each of the following 3 lessons in this unit:


Rubric for this unit.